Ramy Issac – an architectural visionary changing the game of architecture

ramy issac

Ramy Issac is a popular name in the field of architecture. He is an artist, architect, and founder of a renowned firm Issac & Stern. Mr. Issac has devoted more than 30 years of his life in transforming the old and neglected areas of New York, Chelsea, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. His ideas and inspiration are drawn from life around him. He doesn’t just design buildings that are robust and sturdy. He creates environments that are functional and comfortable for the people to live in now and into the future. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential place, he makes the best use of space to ensure it’s being used to its maximum potential. 

Some highlights of Ramy Issac’s life 

  • Ramy Issac was born and brought in Israel 
  • He went to Technion in Haifa to earn his graduate degree in art and architecture and graduated cum laude 
  • He moved to New York in the 80s to earn a master’s degree in architecture at Pratt Institute 
  • His passion for architecture is driven by his keen interest in art and painting
  • He has dual degrees in architecture and city planning 
  • He has been in business for more than 30 years and established a firm Issac & Stern where he has a team of highly qualified and creative architects
  • So far, he has worked on hundreds of different building projects both residential and commercial including penthouses, apartments, nightclubs, multi-community facilities, churches, and more. 

A walkthrough of Ramy Issac’s latest project 

Ramy Issac with his team at Issac & Stern is working on a 5-store residential building in Astoria, Queen at 2-16 30th Avenue. The building is owned by Michael Tsoumpas of Tsoumpas 1216 Group LLC. The proposed project will be 50 feet tall and spread across a 19,452 square feet area. Each residential space is assigned 14,807 square feet. The project will have 15 units.

Published by Ramy Issac Architect

As President and Founder of Issac & Stern, Mr. Issac is a Cum Laude graduate of Israel’s prestigious Technion, with dual degrees in Architecture and City Planning. He also holds an advanced degree of Master of Architecture from New York’s Pratt Institute. He is currently a registered Architect in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.

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